Did You Know?

Did you know??
Although using avocados and bananas are all the buzz now to get soft and shiny hair, all it will get you is a messy kitchen and bathroom. These products are great to help your hair for one day, but the proteins in them are way too big for your hair to absorb. And unless you are going to use them each day (yikes!), then you should head to a beauty supply store and check out some Vegan products that use "hydrolyzed" proteins - proteins from avocados and bananas that actually are small enough to help your hair.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Insanity, smoothies, and why it's important to buy the right blender for you

Since the school semester got out in May and I switched jobs, I've had the time and opportunity to finally follow through with all those promises I made to myself.  You know, the ones that start with "when I have the time, I'll ______".  For me, those were: get back to my peak fitness again, keep away from pre-made meals, make a veganized version of the meal plans suggested in the beachbody fitness routines (i.e. p90x) with similar nutritional information, and try to post more on here (and if you haven't noticed, we've added a whole bunch of new sections... some of which are still empty.  I'm working on that).  So anyways, the life of a non-professor is good.  Working a 9-5 (or for me, 7-3) is so simple, and the idea of not having to grade or prep at home is almost baffling.  My first day after work, my thoughts turned to "what did I do back when I had free time? Not like, free time before I had to grade, but free time until I go back to work?" 

So I started working out more than a few days a week again, and I started getting more interested in nutrition.  I've been perusing through a foundations of nutrition textbook and sampling different protein sources, all of which will somehow make its way into this blog, and I've been keeping track of (off and on) the different shakes that have been enjoyable and simple that are packed with protein powder.  Unfortunately, it's frustrating to study this area because it seems like our understanding of proteins is almost nil-- not only do we not understand completely how proteins work in our body (for it was only a few years ago we realized you don't need to mix proteins to make a complete protein chain in every meal, but rather our bodies would contain those proteins for days to develop the right process), but much of the evidence is contradictory.

After slamming my head into the textbooks repeatedly, I decided I would simply try to record my results.  How will they go?  Hopefully, well.

My first smoothie that I subbed I replaced the mixology smoothie with was this Vanilla-orange protein smoothie.  The orange-banana-nectarine was a great way to hide the bitterness of the protein powder (this powder was soy-based... some people have concerns about too much soy protein, but again.. my job here has been to sample and provide an objective opinion).  The recipe was 1 banana, 1 orange, 1 nectarine, 1/2 cup almond milk, unsweetened, a handful of ice cubes, 1 serving of the protein, and 1 tbsp of chia seed.  Delicious and nutritious.  Sorry about the bad picture-- this was from my phone after working out, so I was exhausted and dying to drink this.

Anyways, I've been comparing my BMI muscle gain as opposed to the last time I actually followed the insanity regimen, during which I did not use any protein supplement.  As of two weeks in, I've managed to put on an additional two pounds of muscle.  I was hoping that including this additional protein would keep my body from being sore after working out, but alas, it did not.  I did not feel any additional changes, the only thing that was apparent was the muscle addition.  Can't complain, I guess.

One thing I did notice, however, was that I was battling it out with my blender.   The blade area has been increasingly becoming problematic to completely clean, and I often have to soak the blade immediately afterwards to clean it thoroughly; otherwise hard-to-reach cracks build up gunk.  This gunk, for me, began to turn funky colors and I eventually started to feel a little grossed out, and ended up buying a new blade.  This is why it's so important to have a good blender.. otherwise, you're permanently fighting an uphill battle.  Keep on keeping on!

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