Did You Know?

Did you know??
Although using avocados and bananas are all the buzz now to get soft and shiny hair, all it will get you is a messy kitchen and bathroom. These products are great to help your hair for one day, but the proteins in them are way too big for your hair to absorb. And unless you are going to use them each day (yikes!), then you should head to a beauty supply store and check out some Vegan products that use "hydrolyzed" proteins - proteins from avocados and bananas that actually are small enough to help your hair.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Asparagus with Roasted Garlic Sauce

La Vita Vegan is back with more recipes that are healthy, animal product free, and delicious! I apologize for the complete disappearance act put on by us, after moving twice across the country and bouncing from job to job, we fell a bit behind over here. The funny thing is, we continued to try new recipes and take pictures of them; we just never managed to take the time to post them up here. Hopefully, we should be around more for some delicious vegan food. This recipe was tested out tonight; I have been manipulating this for a while and I believe I've gotten it perfect now-- asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables I have been experimenting with cooking without the use of oils to try to rely on the vegetable's natural flavors, and I feel this is a great example of a food that stands out on its own for it's fantastic unique characteristics. Unfortunately, after tasting it, I couldn't hold back long enough for a picture of it to post and ate it immediately. I'll be working soon to make this again and to at least try to get a picture of it prior to being devoured. I highly recommend this one, and I managed to even convert someone to the deliciousness of asparagus through this recipe!

3 tablespoons garlic, minced in water
1/5 cup cashews, crushed
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 pound asparagus
2 tablespoons Basil Sea Salt
1 cup water
Sea salt to taste

Set the oven for 400 degrees.

Sprinkle the garlic with ground black pepper and salt according to taste.

Place garlic in a foil wrap and put in to oven for a half hour.

While garlic is in the oven, crush the cashews and place on a sheet of aluminum foil

Prepare the asparagus by snapping off the tough ends (just hold a spear at the bottom and in the
middle, and it should snap off in the right spot) and cut the asparagus into 2 inch pieces.

After a half hour, place the cashews in the oven, keeping the garlic still in as well.

At this point, put the water in a medium sized wok and bring it to boil. Add one tablespoon of the lemon juice to the water, and add the asparagus.

Take the cashews out as they begin to brown, and mix the garlic with the cashews-- and one tablespoon of lemon juice to this mix and put back in the oven.

Add some sea salt to the asparagus in the wok, continually stirring it as the water evaporates.

When the water appears to have roughly half an inch left in the wok, take the garlic/cashew mixture out of the oven and mix it in with the asparagus in the wok. This will absorb a lot of the water relatively quickly, so turn off the burner after about 30 seconds.

Immediately after turning off the burner, toss in the Basil Sea Salt and try to coat everything
evenly. You should have still a bit of juice in the wok (which is delicious in its own right)-- drizzle this over the asparagus afterwords.

This is best eaten immediately, as others around you may steal this if you turn away-- enjoy!

Caloric Info
Servings 2
Calories 152.2
Total Fat: 6.9 grams
Sat Fat: 1.4 grams
Polyunsat. Fat: 1.3 grams
Monosat. Fat: 3.8 grams
Cholesterol: 0 grams
Sodium: 172.1 mg
Potassium: 768.9 mg
Carbs: 19.7 grams
Dietary Fiber: 5.6 grams
Sugar: 1.0 grams
Protein: 8.2 grams

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